Five reasons why you should get your soil tested with Hamilton-based Soil Scientist Dr Gordon Rajendram (PhD).

Soil testing is the plays a critical part in having a soil that has all the nutrients it needs says New Zealand’s leading expert in soil fertility, Hamilton-based Soil Scientist Dr Gordon Rajendram (PhD). If you need more convincing, here are five reasons why you need to get your soil tested.

Expert Advice
As New Zealand’s premier agricultural consultant, Gordon has more than 35 years of experience in analytical testing development, applied research and consulting to farmers and fertiliser companies. There is no one better to have testing your soil. “I can give you the correct and unbiased independent advice that will best serve the unique needs of your farm,” comments Gordon.

The Right Elements
Traditionally, farmers have just used nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, thinking that it will be sufficient. However, comprehensive studies and research have shown that 13 elements are actually needed for quality plant growth. “Cobalt, selenium and iodine have been shown to be essential for animal health and nutrition,” says Gordon. Nitrogen is now seen as the most limiting nutrient in combination with soil temperature and moisture

Correct Application
Through soil testing, Gordon can advise on the right way to apply the combination of elements to your soil. Gordon supports the use of fine-grind nutrients blended in suspension as the most effective way to deliver the right elements in the right quantities. This type of application allows the spreading of each needed nutrient, to evenly cover each square metre of the farm so it can penetrate into the soil profile, fast and evenly.

Less Waste
Knowing the exact quantities of fertiliser your farm needs will result in zero wastage. “By knowing the quantity fertilisers your soil need prevents farmers from wasting money on unnecessary extra fertiliser application,” advises Gordon. There is no more wasted resources with you use soil testing.

Increased Soil Fertility
Regular soil testing with good record-keeping system can serves as a scale to show whether soil fertility is increasing, decreasing, or remaining constant. Heavy fertilizer use and crop yield statistics can be an indication that soil fertility on many farms may be declining due to incorrect nutrient management.

About Soil Scientist Dr Gordon Rajendram (PhD).

Through expert soil testing and analysis, Gordon is dedicated to help all farmers get independent advice to they can get the most out of their soil so that their farm can work more efficiently, be sustainable while improving the farm profitability.

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