Dr. Gordon Rajendram Achievements and Awards

With BSc, MSc and a PhD to his name, Gordon is one of the leading experts on laboratory measurement techniques for chemical, biological and physical properties in materials.

With a comprehensive and wide-ranging knowledge of IANZ quality systems and procedures in order to have a laboratory, and its testing methods IANZ accredited, Gordon has over twenty six years’ experience in the laboratory, field and research expertise. This is just one of the myriads of reasons on why Gordon is considered one New Zealand’s leading Soil fertility experts.

Gordon is a member of New Zealand Society of Soil Science and is also a member of New Zealand Grasslands Society.

Gordon has been nominated by AgResearch for Kudos Awards: Scientist of the Year in 2008 for work done on the soil sulphur test and its agronomic advice. He was also nominated by Ministry of Science and Innovation for Kudos Awards: Science Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010 for his work done on precision farming.


Gordon has led the way in many areas, and much of his research & development has been applied in the agriculture industry. He has over 70 publications and five patents to his name, most of these were achieved while he worked at MAF and its predecessor AgResearch, Ruakura Research Centre, Hamilton. https://www.agresearch.co.nz/news/

Leaching of Nutrients: In 1998 Gordon helped with the quantification of cations and anions leached from NZ dairy pastures in a 5-year study carried out in Waikato, Taranaki, and Southland. Because of the significance of this work to New Zealand agriculture the research was incorporated into the Overseer Nutrient model™. https://www.overseer.org.nz/our-news

Rapid Measurement Technique, NIR: In 2002 Gordon was able to show that labile nutrients and physical properties in soil could be accurately predicted using Near-Infrared rapid measurement technology (NIR). NIR is now used routinely for soil measurement in NZ.

Soil Sulphur (S) and Field Calibration: During 2006, Gordon work on new soil Sulphur test, ‘Total sulphur’ based on 98% organic-S. A laboratory soil test, using pasture field calibration and agronomic advice. This was incorporated into Overseer Nutrient model™. https://www.overseer.org.nz/our-news

Soil Nitrogen (N) and Field Calibration: Then in 2008, Gordon developed a field calibrated pastoral soil N test for New Zealand which would be a benefit to NZ agriculture in a massive way. It is the strategic use of N fertiliser on areas of farm based on the N status (Organic –N & the easily mineralised N fraction) of the soil. This IP was brought by Ballance Agri nutrients as part of an $18 Million funding deal with MSI and AgResearch. It was initially called ‘N Guru’ but now has been renamed as ‘Pasture planner’. https://ballance.co.nz/

Phosphate (P) Loss from Agricultural soils: Research project which identifies soils which are at risk of losing P from soil into drainage waters. It is the loss of P from soils, rather than N which poses the greatest risk to water quality and eutrophication. Read more…

Nitrogen fertiliser trial database: a valuable resource. Climatic factors and first cut response to nitrogen application. ...Read more…